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March 19, 2014

New Episode, Podcast Episode Announcement

Next Podcast Warps in on April 4th!

  Thanks for finding our webpage. Our next podcast violates the Prime Directive on April 4th, when Sarah, Brad, and Ben discuss the adventure contained in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-Playing Game published by Last Unicorn Games in 1998. Will the crew survive a black hole by bouncing some beams off the front deflector shield? What kind of roll does it take to fix a warp core reactor? How can you tell a green xenomorph is lying? All this and more will be answered when we  ...

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New Episode, Uncategorized

Filling Out the Character Sheet

Greetings Gameratti! Due to the success of our podcast, we’ve decided to start a webpage! This will be the source for all things Plot Points. News, photos, and behind the scenes features are all planned for the future. As of now we are still trying to figure out what edges we want and how many stat points to put into Charisma so please pardon the pencil marks. Until then, please enjoy the content we have up now and enjoy our podcast, which can be found at its usual place. Thanks again  ...

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