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April 4, 2014


Episode 7: Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG

The Plot Points gang takes on Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG’s introductory adventure from the core book. Thrill to the testing of sensors and die rolls so vital that if they fail, PCs die in the heart of a black hole! Hear Sarah blast Ben into his constituent atoms with a Mark IV Phaser, and enjoy Brad’s Worf impression.  Find us on iTunes, or at our new home online, The site is still under construction, but feel free to check it out and give us  ...

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The Growth of Gaming and the New Generation.

ICv2 – Hobby Games Up 20% in 2013 The article above from ICv2 says that the industry has increased in size 20% in the past year, and doubled in size since 2008! Maybe that’s why the “nerd card” has become a thing! If so, perhaps we elder gamers need to be more considerate of the younglings come late to our gaming party. Perhaps they’ll stay geeky and stay in gaming if we, the veteran nerds, welcome them to the party, instead of carrying on like an aging hipster  ...

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