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Star Trek Podcast is up!

Greetings Gameratti! For those of you who have been ravenous for the next podcast, your wait is over! Click over to our podcast page and download away. The first of our two part episode on Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG is up right now! We had a great time making the episode for you and hope that you enjoy it. If this happens to be the first time you’ve found us, welcome aboard! Feel free to start with Star Trek or start at the beginning and delve through our back catalog. The  ...

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The Growth of Gaming and the New Generation.

ICv2 – Hobby Games Up 20% in 2013 The article above from ICv2 says that the industry has increased in size 20% in the past year, and doubled in size since 2008! Maybe that’s why the “nerd card” has become a thing! If so, perhaps we elder gamers need to be more considerate of the younglings come late to our gaming party. Perhaps they’ll stay geeky and stay in gaming if we, the veteran nerds, welcome them to the party, instead of carrying on like an aging hipster  ...

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