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Gen Con Day One

First day of Gen Con is in the books and Ben, Sarah, and I have been having a great convention! The gang went to the Diana Jones Award show last night. Plot Points would like to extend congratulations to Robin Laws for winning for creating Hillfolk!

On the GM from, both Sarah and I have run a Firefly role playing session. Even Ben joined the action and ran, surprise, a Delta Green session. All our groups were great and a pleasure to game with here. Thank you for the fun times!

We have met a few fans and it’s great to talk with them about gaming! We are just glad that we are finding a place in your listening routine.  Thank you again for listening!

We have also been meeting many people in the gaming industry.  If you are new to Plot Points,  please feel free to check out our back catalogue of podcasts. We put out new episodes on Friday so check back frequently.

Thanks again! We’ve still got 3 more days left of gaming before we are done with Gen Con. We will be out on the floor looking for more great adventures to cover here at Plot Points. Hopefully,  we’ll see you out here!

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